revolutions = cycles

so while i was using the internet to figure out how to make yogurt, i started thinking about the term revolution.

i’ve never really understood it as 180° turnaround or upheaval, but rather a 360°. because of circles. a full revolution is 360°, so when people talk about revolutions, there is the inference that things are just the same as they always were.

unless it’s understood that the “revolution” we’re talking about is just completing something that was started a long time ago, when things were different.

so, like, the food revolution that’s going on in the states, where simple, nutritious, wholesome food is WAY overpriced. i see that as approaching, but not quite there yet, the way food is in méx: fresh and cheap and awesome. presumably the way food was in the states before, i dunno, the jungle happened. a 360°.

so i always think about them derisively. “what else is new.”

the other day a former student from luz y fuerza del centro referred to calderón’s sudden, unanticipated liquidation of that power company as “all these revolutions.” whether she meant it to be, i thought it was pretty funny. probably because of what i just said about my literal take on revolutions.


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