buraka som sistema / night life

I posted a cheerfully bitter comment on Buraka Som Sistema’s myspace page about this (Oct 29). So at least now my bitching isn’t totally idle, although my hopes for my civic conscientiousness being rewarded with guestlist so far haven’t come true.

Night life, at least the international acts, is too goddamn expensive in Mexico City. The promoters are charging $40 (US) for the show. That literally is twice what I make in a day… they’re playing for $18 the night before in NYC.

I realize it’s actually not that much for a lot of people here, but it’s like 8x the minimum wage. Boujie motherfuckers////>>>>

And the show has corporate sponsorship (from J&B).

Boycotting. The promoters Sicario & 8106, not Buraka… and I didn’t drink J&B anyway.


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