viacom -> language inflection

just realized that South Park is doing for mi español what Beavis and Butthead did for my English. whoa.


palabra del día: enchinarse

Encontré esta palabra por checar otras palabras en el diccionario. En realidad esta palabra no es en mi diccionario usual (, excepto como traducción o sinónimo. Tuvé que sacar mi diccionario que es libro…


v. tr. Méx. Rizar.


v. prnl. Arg., Méx., Par., Urug. Enfadarse.

English translation: (enchinar) to perm. da no traducción por enchinarse, pero da una expresión en que se usa (Méx):

se me enchina la piel: I come out in goose bumps o goose pimples.

Contexto: Quisiera enchinar mi cabello, pero solamente en algunas partes.

forks and knives (tenedores y cuchillos)

I actually picked this difference up subconsciously when I lived in Ireland. One day Jason and I were at this French restaurant in Belfast, and he looks at me and starts laughing because I’m holding my utensils really awkwardly.

I think the knife in my right hand was flat with my wrist facing my body, and the fork, in my left hand, was perpendicular to the plate with my palm facing outward. Basically I was holding my utensils in two contorted fists like a little kid.

What had happened was, during the time I had been there I had begun imitating the people who ate across from me at various meals, but since I was unaware of it, I hadn’t really thought about how I was actually using my cutlery on my food.

Though I’ve been back en el mundo nuevo now for several years, I have continued eating in this European steeze. Using your knife to stack your food on the fork is pretty fun. Plus, I don’t like having one hand free.

I’m still all about putting my elbows on the table during breaks, though.

I would find any advice or observations on Méxican table manners fascinating.

palabra del día: párpado

Tuvé que buscar esta palabra cuando verifiqué la palabra inglés “drowsy” para Juan Pablo.


  1. m. anat. Cada una de las membranas movibles que sirven para resguardar el ojo en el hombre y en muchos animales.

English translation: eyelid

Contexto: Cada mañana en el metro, veo a muchas chicas rizarse sus pestañas con cucharas. Me hacen pensar de eso:

párpados abiertos

go + gerunds

This is sweet. Action sports have their own grammatical structure. From’s tutorial on gerunds:

10. There are many “go + gerund” expressions used for adventure sports and individual recreational activities. List of Go + Gerund Combinations

Between this and all the sweet vocabulary and idiomatic expressions that have evolved, I could probably do an entire unit on snowboarding. Wonder if I could get Mountain Dew to sponsor it.