email to Senator Webb

Last night the House passed their healthcare reform bill. Fine. Except it requires all estadounidenses to buy health insurance.

Now we’re waiting for the Senate to approve their version. I wrote a letter to one of Virginia’s two senators, Senator Webb, who is one of the more independent thinkers of the group.

Hi, Senator Webb.

I am writing to urge the Senate to strike out the mandatory purchase of health insurance that was approved by the House last night.

Given President Obama’s proposal of making the purchase of health insurance desirable, with the aim of making legal obligation to buy it unnecessary, it seems to me lawmakers may have another motivation for including this requirement. The House is mandating that we purchase the products of a set of private companies. Is this measure necessary in order to win the support of the insurance industry? If so, do we truly need the support of that industry?

If we are going to make the purchase of health insurance compulsory, I would FAR prefer the insurance service be provided by a public, or quasi-public or nonprofit, body. The group of companies that the House has designated to provide it have proven they do not need to keep the interests of their customers in mind. Legislating them a permanent customer base to me seems like it will make them even less accountable.

Please, please do not sign us away to these guys (the insurance industry). As a US citizen I expect choice. I support health care reform, but we really need more options than this.

Thank you for all your hard work. I really respect you, and I am proud to be part of your constituency.

Kind regards.

3 responses to “email to Senator Webb

  1. God, a few hours on I realize how naive this letter sounds. I am basically asking him to reject the core of the proposal. We’re so screwed.

  2. I’m writing to Webb too. at HIS site:
    You present excellent ideas, but as you assume, it will not be read, accepted or acted upon. Our only hope is the House and Senate will be cleaned up in the next election.
    There is no time for our views to be read. They might tell the Senator that X number of people were against the bill. I don’t know if it’s worth my time to send it. It’s all I am able to do, so send an email I will.
    Thank you Mary Claire for your thoughts. I totally agree with both comments.
    D. Lowry

  3. Thanks for your comment. I actually did get a very detailed response from Webb’s office, so I know someone read it. But no, of course my main concern wasn’t really addressed.

    While I generally support the bill, I am absolutely opposed to legally requiring any individual or company to buy insurance. However, I’m afraid the insurance lobby is so powerful that Congress feels that have no choice but to include that portion, in order to get insurance companies to comply with the regulations.

    I just wrote back again tonight to make this single objection absolutely clear. If the next response I receive again fails to address it, I’m probably going to consider that a tacit confirmation of my suspicion.

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