Etienne’s album reviewed in XLR8R

To translate from the silly critic language, they like it.

Me and Laura met Etienne Jaumet and Cosmic Neman when they performed as Zombie Zombie at Pop Montreal last year. Then we chilled with them when they played in Brooklyn (Studio B, now defunct– haha I just got some pleasure out of saying that) several months later.

THEN I went to Paris this summer, where they’re from, and had an amazing time seeing them. They both took me in their own respects, muy caballero, los dos.

A highlight was seeing Etienne perform his solo stuff at the city’s Sous la Plage festival. Obviously it was all the much cooler because he had played the album for me at his apartment the night before. Word.

Wait, was this post about my acheivements or Etienne’s?

I like the album, too. It reminds me of a next-gen Twin Peaks Soundtrack. Carl Craig produced it.

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