manifestación SME mañana

Rad. Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas is going to choke the city tomorrow to protest Calderón’s liquidation of Luz y Fuerza del Centro, the regional government-run power company.

[Luz y Fuerza’s absorption by Comisión Federal, the national power company, laid off 44,000 people– including me, incidentally. Don’t feel bad though; the union members (SME) get 2.5 years’ severance pay, while non-union members will probably be the first to be rehired by Comisión Federal. I found a replacement job too, with another government agency. Here’s an official summary of the situation provided by the Mexican Consulate in San Diego.]

The SME supporters are going to set out for DF in caravans at 7am tomorrow, via the motorways that lead into the city, aiming to convene at Luz y Fuerza del Centro’s former head office, which is also at the junction of Circuito Interior and Marina Nacional, a major thoroughfare in the western half of the city. Sounds like a bunch of legislators are going to join them, too, and they’re asking supporters to cut out the lights I think from 7:30-9pm tomorrow night.

For my part,  yes, I am preparing to see one of my favorite things about México City, which is RADICAL SUBWAY ACTION. I’ll try to get some pictures.


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