down for this thursday: ripley/wayne & wax

Willing to overlook the fact that Wayne & Wax is from Massachusetts because he’s an ethnomusicologist. Plus the event is free. Wondering if Mass dude knows /rupture (who I believe is from Boston originally).

Salón Calavera’s cool; it’s like a haunted house inside. Last time I was there everyone was smoking indoors. That’s when I learned the word mugroso.

Oh, snap, just realized I saw Ripley speak in a panel discussion at Pop Montreal last year. Definitely going to this then. If I’m not mistaken, she is also an ethnomusicologist. Love it when nerds DJ :)


3 responses to “down for this thursday: ripley/wayne & wax

  1. Hey — Thanks for the link love! I think my husband and I may be going to this tonight. If you go, you should let me know if you have any distinguishing facial characteristics so we can meet up and say hi. I’d tell you I’m the girl with the dark hair and the black glasses, but that SO doesn’t narrow it down….

    • haha, cool! it’s visually apparent that i’m descended from european protestants, so i shouldn’t be too hard to spot. i’ll wear my airbrushed santa muerte beisbol hat. it’s white with tombstones on it. hope to see you.

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