teaching slang

It’s hard for me to resist basically any opportunity I have to teach slang to my students.

It’s not even really slang, a lot of it, in the sense of jargon; it’s actually just colloquial English, stuff like “hardcore” that is used really commonly but that doesn’t get taught as much. It’s slang in the sense that its connotation and usage have pretty recently branched away from its denotation, I guess.

I just found myself wondering whether I should also teach the term “ol skool” in addition to “old school”… I suppose that crosses over into the “jargon” type of slang. You’re expressing a special interest or affiliation by spelling it that way, saying, “Hey, I identify with b-boys,” which you aren’t expressing with the standard form “old school.”

I feel like even Bill O’Reilly uses the standard form, or Jonathan Ross or somebody.


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