faded jeans

I have one pair of blue jeans that I brought with me to Méx. I’m not a super-jeany person but they’re pretty practical to own.

I washed my pair of jeans today and dried them on the roof, and just now as I was folding them I really noticed how faded they are, front of thighs, in the seat, on the folds. They have holes near the crotch, too, which I patched up this summer before I left but that are now a bit frayed.

I have had my pair of jeans since December 2007. My mom bought them for me at the Guess store in the mall. They are cheaply made and out of style (skinny jeans with a high waist), though of course I still pull them off fine.

I think this isn’t because of any innate higher stylishness, but actually just that my innate style tends to be shabby. Distressed. I was just thinking, some tool would have paid extra for these jeans if they had looked like this when they were new.

Got me thinking about the huge impression grunge made on me in/around 1992 (about the time it jumped from Sassy to Seventeen). Part of that impression was the pains the grunge poster kids took to point out that they dressed grungy because they were poor, not because it was cool.

I was going to say that’s the difference between me and them: I don’t feel the need to point out that I’m not trying. But apparently that would be a lie on both counts– that I don’t need to point it out, and nor am I trying.

These were an even shade of dark blue when I got them. But now check out those lines; couldn

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