I wrote a story because of teaching

I’m posting this because I think it’s funny that I wrote a story for my student Raúl. We’re practicing phrasal verbs along with a unit on corporate entertaining (uf, I know). I just mention that part because I wrote the story to complement the unit in the textbook we’re working with, Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Unit 6.

When I arrived in the city Monday I was earlier than scheduled. I had work to do, but I decided to put it off. Instead I took out the list of recommendations you sent me and took up your suggestion to visit the Centro.

I took the metro to Allende to look around. It was still early, 12:00pm, but I felt hungry. And I’ve looked forward to chiles en nogada since I was here in January. I continued walking. Soon a traditional restaurant turned up.

The waiter seated me, and I ordered a beer. When he brought it, he also offered me a plate. I looked at it and saw that it was full of dead insects. I think they were crickets. Normally I love to take part in exotic foods, but I imagined the crunchy texture in my mouth and immediately felt sick. Maybe the altitude was also affecting me. I had to turn him down.

He laughed and walked off with the plate, and then I realized I wasn’t hungry anymore. This stressed me out, because I hate getting a table at restaurants and not ordering anything. It feels so rude, but I really didn’t think I could eat.

The waiter brought me the menu. I looked at it and wondered what to do, but as I read the entire menu, I realized something. The restaurant did not serve chiles en nogada.

“Oh, no! I’m sorry, but I really wanted chiles en nogada. I’m afraid I’m not going to order anything.”

The waiter tried to suggest another item on the menu, but I interrupted him politely and asked for the check.

I finished my beer fast and paid the bill. The beer was pretty cheap, but the meal set me back 80 pesos. I left a big tip.

After class Raúl took me to the streetcorner for some breakfast tamales. He rules.


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