kuba deportees

In class today my student kept getting all these calls on his cell because his employer, the Méxican immigration authority, is deporting these two Cubans who tried to enter the country last night on fake Méxican passports. The Cubans came on a flight from Barcelona, so immigration was trying to get Spanish authorities to confirm they would receive the guys as deportees before putting them on a flight.

Immigration was trying to send them to Madrid instead of Barcelona, and apparently Spain is finicky about receiving people in a different city than they departed from. I actually asked my student the question, “But if they came from Barcelona isn’t that where they’ll have a place to stay?”

My student was like, “Um, they’ll have a place to stay, don’t worry.”

The Cubans are wrestlers who escaped while travelling overseas to a competition. A friend of theirs in Miami had helped them get Méxican-govt issued but fraudulently processed passports, so they could come here in order to get into the States via land.

I also asked my student if he knew why they hadn’t just applied for asylum in Spain.

“They want to live in Miami.”


Except they’re currently on a flight to a madrileño jail.

My student also pointed out they would have probably avoided detection if they had flown into any other country besides México. I’m guessing they didn’t want to travel overland as pollos longer than necessary. Perhaps they have seen the movie Sin Nombre.

They paid €3500 for the passports.


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