So I realize I’m more reserved than a lot of people. But actually I don’t really think of it as being “reserved.” I tend to think of it as not wanting to talk to people, unless I have something to say. This means when I assume that, likewise, people are only talking to me because they have something to say, I often have to correct myself.

In the past I’ve let slide people who don’t meet this expectation, but maybe because I’m getting older, I now see them as wasting my time/getting in the way of talking to people who do have something interesting to say. I’m going to have to lay the smack down. Just be French about it, I guess: “I’m sorry, but you haven’t really said anything that interests me, and it’s been like 5 minutes.”

Ugh. I just keep hoping people who have this approach to socializing will surprise me, but they usually don’t. More often than not I end up talking to pothead 22-year-olds with dreads all night instead of people I might actually have something in common with. Pf.


One response to “talking

  1. Wow, just realized that while I said “be French about it” and meant it, this idea is where the expression “Let’s be Frank” comes from.

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