facebook information exodus

My blog’s mission statement, on the main page, somewhat reflects this: One of the concrete reasons I had for starting this blog was that I kept seeing myself channel really great ideas to my friends/the cloud via Facebook. Which though a great tool for stimulating these ideas, isn’t a very good way to organize them.

Here is an example from my Facebook page a few minutes ago. It’s kind of meta due to the subject matter of the status update.

Mary Claire WhitakerMary Claire Whitaker just received my google wave invitation/intro. this setup makes a lot more sense than gmail, honestly; i can see how gmail was kind of just a prototype for this.

Hace una hora aproximadamente. · Comentar · Me gusta

Georgia DodsonGeorgia Dodson I’m on Google Wave. I’m confused by it, though.

Hace una hora aproximadamente.

Ryan BoydRyan Boyd what is google wave?

Hace una hora aproximadamente.

Mary Claire WhitakerMary Claire Whitaker See, I was confused by gmail because of its non-linearness. Now that there is a reason for it to be non-linear, as Wave, it makes more sense to me.

Ryan, it’s like gmail in that they treat your email as ongoing conversations instead of a series of letters, but you can also upload and access your/your correspondents’ uploads really easily.

In an academic setting, it would be like they’re reserving a table for you and your friends at the library and letting you keep all your notes/books/other media you’re using at the table even when you leave for the day. And recording all your conversations for you to refer to later. …Ver más…

Hace una hora aproximadamente.

Mary Claire WhitakerMary Claire Whitaker so, like, you can embed video in the conversation, tag conversations, invite more people, archive conversations, copy them into new conversations, view the files in the conversations as a slide show… the call each conversation a wave.

Hace 53 minutos.

Mary Claire WhitakerMary Claire Whitaker hopefully 2012 won’t destroy all this valuable information i’ve been depositing on the worlds’ servers. i sure as hell won’t remember most of it.

Hace 48 minutos.

Georgia DodsonGeorgia Dodson Well, you might have to move these posts to Friendster 10.1. Or whatever social networking site we move to next.

Hace 43 minutos.

Georgia DodsonGeorgia Dodson I think I just need more people to WAVE with me so I can get the hang of it. Mary Claire, will you WAVE with me?

Hace 43 minutos.

Mary Claire WhitakerMary Claire Whitaker yeah, dude. thankhilarybanks = screenname

Hace 20 minutos.

Mary Claire WhitakerMary Claire Whitaker on that social networking tip, that’s why i started blogging again. hoping all the gems that end up on here will start appearing on my blog instead.

i read my livejournal from college. it’s amazing. so glad they haven’t deleted my account. (i’m sure lj knows even better than i do how foolish that would be.)

Hace 18 minutos.

Mary Claire WhitakerMary Claire Whitaker Man, I wish facebook would let us download everything we’ve stored/published on here in one swift move. Of course that would be sort of like facilitating an evacuation or something. FACEBOOK INFORMATION EXODUS…. like the Spanish and Aztec Gold.

Hace 13 minutos.

Mary Claire WhitakerMary Claire Whitaker Only I guess the Aztecs (Facebook) would get to keep a copy of the gold, too.

Hace 6 minutos.

Other than being my friends in life and on Facebook, with whatever implied permissions those things may grant, neither Georgia nor Ryan gave me permission to use/publish/reproduce their images, names, or comments in my blog.


5 responses to “facebook information exodus

  1. I just got wave, too. I can’t really figure out a way to try it out… Its like being the only person on the block with a fax machine…

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