Soul Clap en Distrito Condesa

I’m going to this show in Condesa Thursday. I’m feeling kind of ultralounge, to borrow yet another word from Lesley. (Damn, girl.)

I think this is probably a direct result of my recent Miami antojo.

I mean, plus they’re on Airdrop, so def worth checking out I think. They have a song called “Grown n Sexy.”

Here’s a podcast of one of their sets. And another one from the Unknownclubberz site called the Great White Hope. It has an extended section of “Rock the Boat” samples.


5 responses to “Soul Clap en Distrito Condesa

  1. Another note to self. In case I ever get Alzheimer’s, I want to record this memory I have from college.

    I was home one winter break one year and going into a music store (haha, music store). This lady who was coming out stopped me and goes, “Excuse me,” then looks at her friend, then back at me. “How do you spell ‘Aaliyah?'”

    I sort of realized it was my chance to show off, so straightened up first and then responded, “‘A – A – L – I – Y – A – H’ …? [interrogative intonation thrown in to offset smugness]”

    She turns to her friend and goes, “See?” Then, to me, “Thank you.”

    Wait, if I get Alzheimer’s that’s probably the thing I’ll remember over and over again.

  2. Funny, I was just pondering the obsoleteness of music stores yesterday… thought about how I went to a music store in college and bought my first CD of Christmas music. (It had Elvis and Louis Armstrong on it!)

    I’m glad you’re recording your memories on your blog. But don’t people with Alzheimer’s forget what blogs even *are*? I mean, not now, because most old people probably have no idea what blogs are anyway. But someday.

    Intrigued by the Soul Clap thing. Downloading the podcast now.

    • yes, i think you’re right. when i most need to remember how to spell aaliyah i won’t even know to look for it.

      i sent you some invites on facebook for soul clap and for an art thing tonight, in case you decide you’re interested.

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