more thoughts on spanglish

so it’s pretty fun making up words like “chids” (valley/gringofication of the word “chido” = “cool”) and literally translating english collocations into spanish (wicked headache = “dolor malvado de la cabeza”).

however, the fact that this makes me the equivalent of emphasizes that i am an obnoxious foreigner is not lost on me. it brings to mind the stereotype of zany eastern european exchange students in the US whom no one understands but whom their friends love anyway for their energy, creativity, and novel perspective.

i am also aware of the cardinal rule of breaking rules: don’t do it until you know exactly what purpose is served by your violation– meaning you must first master the standard you’re shirking.

with this in mind i am probably going to continue in my silly spanglish for fun, but discreetly.


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