i probably don’t have to tell anyone reading this that mexican food is amazing, but it bears repeating.

i had the good fortune of being blown away by my first mexican quesadilla the other day at a restaurant. i ordered it as an afterthought, because i was still hungry after my pollo al pastor tacos and because i wanted to continue eating as i finished off my michelada.

so the quesadilla arrived. mexican quesadillas only have one tortilla, not two, so are open-faced, and they are fried with more oil so kinda greasy but not overly. the quesadilla is flipped over while cooking, cheese-side-down for a bit so as to brown and crisp the melted cheese.

i folded the quesadilla and threw in some of the restaurant’s house salsa, not at all suspecting what i was about to experience. in restrospect, some kind of melted-cheese heaven.


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