I’m sitting here enjoying my cup of Sante Fe coffee from the Mexican highlands, brewed out of my roommate’s drip-maker, and thinking damn I have spent a lot of time in places where people think Nescafé is equivalent to real coffee, or some cases even better.

When I was buying this stuff at Aurrera (local bodega owned by Walmart), I chose it from among 3 other ground coffees on the bottom shelf of a large section containing 90% instant coffees. There was a vendor stockist next to me trying to explain all the differences in the qualities, and when I reached for this one she goes, cautioningly, “para ese Ud necesita una cafetierre.”

At first I thought she meant French press cafetierre, but then I realized that word must mean good old fashioned Yankee filter coffee maker, since there was no course-ground coffee in sight. I was like, “Gracias.”

mmmmnnnmmm (not)

On another note, it’s totally not cheaper to buy coffee at CostCo. We got 1.3 kilos of Columbian coffee for 1700 pesos, whereas this stuff I get at Aurerra– Mexican coffee but (I think) better quality is only 450 pesos for 500 grams.

Oh man, I’m pricing coffee by the gram, what a drug addict. Haha btw sometimes you hear people shorten “cafeina” into “cafe.” Yet another word-origin revelation.

Also, my roommate continues using bottled water to make coffee. Karla, tú sabes que eres fresa.


2 responses to “nes/café

    • Haha, well it is to me… but then again I eat cookies out of trashcans.

      Karla thinks I’m a dirtball for using tap water. My point is, the water has to boil in order to turn into vapor and recondense. Isn’t that sterile enough? I mean, I haven’t gotten sick yet.

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