I’ve had a couple of opportunities now to explain what a douchebag is (mostly figurative douchebag, but the occasional literal explanation as well).

:::: A moment to reminisce about how much I loved using that word in France… haha, and another moment for “Jean-Pierre le Douche”… ::::

Last night Karla asked me, and I started off with the parameters, “Hmm, pues, es entre pendejo y carajo…”

“¿Como asshole?”

“Sí, pero no. Es asshole, pero pendejo también. Como mas estupido…”

“Hrm… okay…”

“Tiene aspectos de asshole, pero, sí, mas pendejo. El douchebag es asshole, por cierto, pero solo por falta de inteligencia.”

It’s definitely a cultural thing, though for sure there are douchebags all over the globe.

For Jean-Pierre (NAFW):


3 responses to “douchebag

  1. :) I mean, I am an English teacher, after all.

    THIS SONG, totally! I look forward to breakfast every day just so I can sing this song to my food.

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