the al gore movie and regret

holy shit, i actually forgot what it’s called. awesome.

you know that movie about climate change.

inconvenient truth. that’s it. man, i actually sat here for a good ten seconds thinking about it.


Al Strickland: I’ve never seen that Al Gore movie. Is it anything like Triumph of the will?

Mary Claire Whitaker @Al Strickland: so, this might sound shocking but: that’s the last movie my boyfriend saw before he died. this fact is something i sincerely wish i could change about the past.

sums up my thoughts completely on the movie, also hints at some ideas i’ve been developing lately on the common claim people make about not regretting anything.

so does this song, “Bad Choices” by Shout Out Out Out Out [direct link]. Making bad choices is better than making no choices at all.

One response to “the al gore movie and regret

  1. also, yes, i have been thinking about jason more than usual. i think it’s because it’s the holidays and we’re getting close to the time of year when he died.

    but that really is the association i have with inconvenient truth.

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