gritas del gato aka cat calls

Okay, I’m ready to start weighing in.

Walking down the street in a skirt in Mexico City is better than walking down the street in a skirt in Richmond Virginia, because the way hollers are executed here is exponentially more fun-loving.

You know how you can hear it when someone is smiling? One time this dude actually slowed down his car while exiting the pereférico (beltway), rolled down his window, and yelled, “Soy médico!” He was joking and catcalling me from his car at the same time.

Genius. I considered getting into his car with him.

I got hit on a lot by dudes on the street in the US, and Europe, and it was ALWAYS lame. Dudes here let you know they think of it as a game, as in for fun, and they come off way more successful for it.

Not saying statistically they are more “successful”… just saying they’re cooler.


3 responses to “gritas del gato aka cat calls

  1. Yes! The Mexican cat call has been honed down to a fine art. The self awareness! My favourite (which had to be explained to me): guy rolls by in car and shouts out “hola suegro” to a passing couple, implying 1) that the guy looks much older than the girl 2) that the girl is already hitched to passing cat caller. No propositioning required. Technically he’s not even cat-calling to the girl. So many levels………

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