on bass

i talk about the boom all the time, even in spanish. why. my sister was giving me crap about the type of music i like while she was here visiting. she didn’t understand why i like repetitive club music, says it has no soul. while i disagree with that, i couldn’t really explain why.

this is something i’ve been thinking about for a long time, anyway. why am i obsessed with bass.

i don’t really listen to music with words in it. that is to say, i hear a lot of it, and sometimes, maybe when the lyrics are exceptional, i listen, but generally no. when it comes to music, the human voice is another musical instrument for me. like samples, it harmonizes or punctuates. lyrics are cool because they’re using ideas or images to punctuate and harmonize, but i just don’t care that much about them in general, even in hip-hop.¹

and i think this is because for me music is physical. what’s most important to me is how it feels. even when i’m not dancing when i’m “listening” to music it’s about feeling it, too, kind of getting lost in it. i don’t really think about music in any other terms than whether or not i can feel it, how i feel it, and why.

so that’s the main reason why i’m really into clubbing. and bass. and probably, if we’re being honest, miami. they make me feel good.

¹for a comparison of which is more important to me, note or verse, i put forward pharcyde’s “passing me by.” the lyrics are great! but is that why it’s such a good song? partially, yes, but to me the singing is even more special than the words. and then of course all the rest of the music besides the vocals.

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