old-skool mixes

So someone said the term “progressive house” yesterday… I think it was me. It was I. And I got thinking about this mix-, ahem, tape I bought in high school. I got it from one of those austere, record-slash-urban-fashion stores, Yoshitoshi in Georgetown. Yoshitoshi was a record label, actually, that ran the store. Anyway. I think the tape was in a glass case behind the counter.

I couldn’t even remember the name of the tape, but I knew it was Scott Henry on one side, Dieselboy on the other, and eventually I tracked it down. East Coast Science Volume 2.

Wow, you would think from the sound of all this that I was actually cool in high school, wouldn’t you? No.

Anyway, along the way in my quest for East Coast Science Volume 2, my friend Dutton gave me this. I think Dutton was probably pretty cool in high school:


The site has ton of old mixes, including all 3 volumes of East Coast Science. Scott Henry does this waayy old-skool (1997 POV) mix on Volume 3.

2 responses to “old-skool mixes

  1. Haha, I used “way” a lot in this post. Güeeeeyyy…

    I like to think that I’m pretty mindful of the words I use, but of course 100% awareness is far from attainable. Case in point: I really had no idea I was spelling old-skool with a k, twice, until I went back and added a hyphen to it (since it’s a compound adjective, it needs one).

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