archeological zone of eagle warriors

to follow on from my speculations yesterday, yes, malinalco is pretty dope. i kept hearing people ride by on horses all night last night. because they use horses as a form of transportation here.

from dizzying heights at the top of a temple high up a hill

the town of malinalco

sister and dad in front of the cuauhcalli, which is nahuatl for eagle house

what academics say about the solar-oriented positioning of the temple

The Cuauh were an elite order of Aztec, or Mexica, warriors, as I mentioned yesterday. The temple was established as a meeting spot for the group along with the Ocelotl (ocelot) warriors when the Mexica took over the area in the late 1400s.


2 responses to “archeological zone of eagle warriors

  1. good to see you had a nice time in malinalco. to me, it’s one of the few small charming towns near DF. others, like tepoztlan, are clusterf*cks.

    i know it will change if they ever improve the road conditions and make it easier to get there.

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