nouveau yorican/jean nipon/gina turner

^^This blog entry caught my attention initially because I have mentally tagged Jean Nipon as “the first French alt-club DJ/producer to take sufficient notice of Dirty South.” Not saying he necessarily is, just that that’s how I think of him. I can’t find a free copy of the song that made me think that, called “Alice,” but here is a mix he did to celebrate Patrick Swayze. His remix of Nouveau Yorican linked above is pretty good. I love the (totally unrelated?) You Tube video, also linked above.

The blogger, Gina Turner, is a DJ I recently missed here in DF. I skipped her show at now-defunct Club Malva‘s birthday party because I had to work the next day, but in light of her blog comment about Bronx fire hydrants, I’m regretting that decision a little.

One more thing: this stuff is on the Mad Decent blog as you can see, but I sourced it through Institubes. Jean Nipon is on Institubes, which is affiliated with ol’ what’s-his-name, Curses!/Drop the Lime and his New York thang Treble & Bass. All three crews were performing together at WMC a lot last year. For what that’s worth.

Note: WMC events where T&B and Institubes played together included the Institubes anniversary party at the Gansevoort’s Club Louis, the hand-printed wall-papered/crystal-chandeliered lounge with the midget doorman dressed as Napoleon.

gratuitous pic of me harassing drop the lime in richmond, va (april 2009)


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