nye stuff

Think I’m going to this. What’s cool about this is it’s cheaper than the Matthew Dear/M.A.N.D.Y. show at Coco Maya, and it’s chock-full of their label mates, who are less highly rated but still awesome. I’m also thinking Matthew & Mandy might show up at this because, yes, it’s destined to be more chill. Whereas Coco Maya seems like it could be a big Ibiza-style shitshow. Fun at first, but then kind of not-that-great.

2 responses to “nye stuff

  1. there wasn’t an overwhelming number of people at this, but a good crowd towards the end and as usual that didn’t stop good dj’s from doing they thang.

    awesomely, right before Laura and I tried to roll under the barriers to gatecrash this, I had the bright idea that maybe they reduced the price at the door due to poor attendance. we ended up seeing all these DJs and a bunch of other cool people for $100 MXN. hell yeah! I left around 8am because the sun was getting too hot to permit dancing.

    going to see bloody mary again en el DF this weekend.

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