riviera maya: playa del carmen i

Since October I’ve been posting about New Year’s Eve events in Playa del Carmen. This was in anticipation of my presence in said town/playa. My sister and I flew in on Tuesday the 29th along with DF friends Lorena, Jerry, and Jorge. We also met up with some gringa friends Daphne and Laura. All of us had various agendas, but for me it went down like this:

Dec 29-31: chill, party, eat ceviche in Playa del Carmen
Jan 1-3: chill, party, eat ceviche in Tulúm; see Tulúm ruins
Jan 4: visit Chichen Itza; eat Yucatecan food
Jan 5: gawk at the surrealistic, post-real-estate-explosion oddity/horror/Dubai that is Cancun’s Zona Hotelera, resist joke-meal at Margaritaville, return to Cancun proper and eat Yucatecan food

The first couple of days Carrie and I kicked it with some hostel people, mostly Italians, as we awaited Daphne, then Laura. When everyone had arrived on the 31st, we couldn’t wait to take ’em to the ceviche place this English dive instructor dude had taken us to, en Calle 2da y playa. I think it was called Anterra, but not sure. The Mexican : foreigner ratio was high and the ceviche tasted amazing to me, so that’s my recommendation.

sister at good ceviche place

Daphne and Laura. Note Daphne

here we see actual ceviche

swings are a pretty popular thing to combine with drinking and/or sand

After ceviche we were invited to dinner by Lorena to, cough, Señor Frog’s. Lorena, responding to my churlish laughter at her generous invitation: “Mira, tampoco nos gusta Señor Frog’s… es que tenemos una descuenta.” ¡Whatever, Lorena! Obviously we took her up on it.

let the irony begin; we def had fun singing along to early 90s hip-pop hits

Lorena and Jerry

'where's the pan shame?' just kidding, night was way young

good shot of Laura. Carrie realizing we really shouldn't be here when the clock strikes

but she couldn

We stuck around to see the cute Señor Frog’s waiters do the mashed potato onstage (and appear to enjoy it), and to see the bartender blast some kind of fog machine thing onto these four gringas dancing on the bar, exposing the bra-less boobies of one of them.

We understood that what with their concept of time and all, it wasn’t such a big deal to our Mexican friends, but for Carrie, Laura, Daphne and me, no, we definitely did NOT want to be there at midnight. We made for the beach.

under la luna bella

I will be supplementing with post-midnight photos as my friends get theirs uploaded. I’m a pretty in-the-moment gal when it comes to memorable occasions. TBC


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