garbage weather in DF => go to Sayulita

I’m not even half-done updating my blog about the recent Riviera Maya trip, and I’ve already booked a trip to visit my sis in the Riviera Nayarit, in Sayulita, for two weeks from now. Eegads.

A) Flying again = totally above my means; Guess this makes up for all the years I lived below my means in the States? Sort of. This bitch is going to be on my credit card for a long time.

B) I have post-vacation depression. I need the beach. And sunshine. And DF ain’t providing either of those right now.

Playa artificial en el DF

C) My sister will be in Sayulita for the month of January. She then returns to Guadalajara for a while before going back to the US. Conclusion: the Whitaker sisters coincide in Mexico for a limited time only. Act now. And I’d rather visit her on the Pacific than in GDL. Though I might do that, too. What can I say, except that I love my sister.

Special thanks to Mom for alerting me (and my roommate) at 8am that my credit card company had tried to contact me to approve the airline charge.

Special thanks to Master Card for acting suspicious of EVERY transaction I try to make online with Mexican companies… cough…


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