riviera maya: playa del carmen ii

El Año Nuevo. As I was saying, we made a break from Señor Frog’s so as not to be there at midnight.

This, looking back, kind of characterized us as way gringa. We, first of all, had strong feelings about (against) Señor Frog’s for various reasons, but I think mostly because as estadounidenses with an appreciation of Mexico, we seek to distance ourselves from Spring Break culture.

Also, we cared enough about our setting at 00:00:00 on 01.01.10 so much that we chose to leave the party, and our other friends, in order to be somewhere cool. Very un-Mexican, mostly for choosing to leave our friends, but also for being so precise about the actual time. We joked that they were probably celebrating midnight fifteen minutes late, but actually the fireworks did start a few minutes after midnight, and on the beach there was no countdown, just a wave of people cheering as realization spread that the hour had changed.

So here’s how the night unfolded:

moon shot

a tradition in laura's family is a shot something like this

i didn't quite make it into that shot, or this one either, really

uploading this because we look good in it

Avenida Quinta, cerca de Calle 12 aka where the party at

We ended up losing Carrie and Daphne in the massive street crowd. Which I think was secretly okay with them because they didn’t seem all that excited about the techno which followed.

After we were done marvelling at the street party, partiers including many grandparents and children, Laura and I went back to the beach for the Playskullbot party. The highlight for me was Bloody Mary, who’s actually playing in DF tonight as well, and whom I’m going to see again. Here’s a recent mix from her.

Laura was kinda tired from having worked/flown in the day before, so retired around 3:30, about the time Jorge, Lorena, and Jerry arrived.

dancing in sand = a workout

I basically danced the whole time, but I also ran into some Aussies from the hostel. One of them was really drunk and passed out. Despite my casual attitude in this picture, I was quite worried about him and poured water on his head, drunkenly thinking that would help him.

Aus, hunched over, in blue shirt

We were still dancing when the sun rose, and later. The only reason we left the party was because of the heat. Bloody Mary was still playing.

Jorge, Lorena, and Jerry. Like an hour before it got hot.

I was particularly happy about this fact, arriving back at the hostel probably around 7:30. And believe it or not, I stayed happy about it even after waking at 11 to check out and go rent a car so we could drive to Tulúm.

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