the real bbq/myspace

I hardly ever use Myspace anymore, sadly. Sad because its organizational concept is great for giving exposure to musicians. It gives prominence to both their music and “image.” Equally important it displays via their “Top 8” (or whatever) their musical network: their label or agent or labelmates or influences or friends. Awesome for discovering music you like– friends of friends, networking in the old-skool sense.

As basically an instant presskit, it’s a good source of artist photos, which I was on there seeking today. While signed in, I went to my friend requests to clean them out (I get a lot of stuff I’m not interested in because I used to be Music Director at a Richmond, VA community radio station). The reason I did not delete this dude right away is because of his name:

The Real BBQ

I went to his page, and saw Spoek Mathambo among his top friends. I really like Spoek Mathambo. I also saw BBQ is friends with Xrabit, who’s on Big Dada Records.

So I listened to this guy’s music, and it is decent. Listen to it. And look at how many plays he has received. As I write this blog, the three songs he has posted have gotten 7, 6, and 3 plays, respectively. He is unsigned. He has been on Myspace since July. He might be twelve years old.

I tried to find more information on him, but you can imagine Google’s yield for “real bbq” (among the top results was Buz n Ned’s, a BBQ joint in Richmond. woot).

Anyway, I guess my reason for writing, aside from wanting to take note of this guy, is to point out that Myspace really can have an important place. It does something unique and cool.

Though I have to say if you find a network of music blogs you like, that rules more, because the editorial content is better and they usually have free downloads. Which makes me realize that Myspace probably is a bit like videodisks or Beta; it had a good idea, but it merely anticipated something bigger, which in this case is networked blogging.  And if we’re going to talk about Myspace in terms real socializing, Facebook actually kind of sucks but its layout works much better for this purpose.

However, because of Myspace, I now have had the honor of hearing Real BBQ.

Real BBQ’s Myspace avatar, which also enticed me. Don’t worry, I have already said something to him about “real bbq” not having very much to do with steak.

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