fed court to consider gay marriage ban

Report from the Philadelphia Inquirer/Associated Press.

[The Defense] Cooper’s team plans to argue that same-sex marriage is still a social experiment and that it is therefore prudent for states like California to take a wait-and-see approach. Their witnesses will testify that governments historically have sanctioned traditional marriage as a way to promote responsible child-rearing and that this remains a valid justification for limiting marriage to a man and a woman.

“Social experiment,” eh. Isn’t that what most marriages are? I agree that the whole point of legal sanction of marriage is to support and encourage families. This is exactly why I say Sorry, but “responsible child-rearing” has nothing to do with whether the parents are gay or straight.

Could even argue that because gay parents have to plan whether to have children, they will generally have put more thought into parenthood than straight ones.

Been waiting for this trial ever since the bans started. Step it up. Let’s see what the Constitution says. Can’t see how the bans can possibly be upheld in good faith.

Mexico City legalized gay marriage last month. Yes, marriage. Same-sex civil unions had already been legal for a few years.

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