bass limericks

Thanks to Laura for being so stimulating. We were in our awesome cabaña in Tulúm a few days after New Year’s drinking and playing games; our hotel had politely asked us not to drink our outside-food-or-beverages on their beach beds. Laura introduced a game that involved writing haikus and limericks to a given theme, and I wrote my legend-themed limerick about Ma$e. Because Ma$e rhymes with bass, obviously. Er, ba$s.

I actually forget how that one went (did I mention we were drinking), but it left a big enough impression on Laura that a few days ago she asked me, via my Facebook wall:

Laura BroomhallLaura

can we get another limerick about bass?

El sáb a las 13:45 · Comentar ·  · Ver muro a muro
Mary Claire WhitakerMary Claire

okay. here we go. it took a while for me to realize it’s easier to write poetry on paper.
El Dom a las 21:39 ·

Mary Claire WhitakerMary Claire

My feelings for bass: transcendental
But when I get down to it, it’s just not that mental
‘Cause when the sounds hits my face
And booms just the right place
My body goes with it, fierce and gentle
El Dom a las 21:40 ·

Mary Claire WhitakerMary Claire

When you told me we could bass all night
I thought you were just being polite
But then you got low
And I knew then fo’ sho’
You said bass and meant bass, and it hit hard through the dawn’s light
El Dom a las 21:44 ·

In her car Janie rides up the strip
Too much traffic to let the engine rip
But that’s not the point
When she’s blasting a joint
She cruises to boom– the eternal purpose of the trip
El Dom a las 21:56 ·

my mu$e, outside our cabaña


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