sade/michael mayer – love is stronger than pride

Getting really happy about the new Sade and have been going through some of her old videos on youtube. When I first heard Michael Mayer’s microhaus version of this song on the Kompakt Speicher compilation, I didn’t actually realize this song was a cover of her, though it makes complete sense now that I hear her version.

GOD. Why isn’t Sade the soundtrack to my life.


14 responses to “sade/michael mayer – love is stronger than pride

  1. I saw your blog on the front page and checked it out…. what a very nice surprise! what a beautiful song and voice. Thank you for show casing this real treat……. Lila

    • I like the Michael Mayer version, too.

      If you can imagine hearing it without realizing it was a cover of Sade. Or a cover at all. I just thought, yeah, he was ruminating. I was touched by his insight. But then realizing it was a Sade cover added a completely new dimension too it.

      Germans really do have a great sense of humor sometimes.

  2. the same reason with lila..
    nice to meet you….
    i enjoy that song eventhough i don’t know about that singer…

  3. Funny how some people regard pride as something positive, when it is really just selfish and foolish. Down right destructive!

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