Alright, my bad, I’ve sort of let the narrative hang. Elaborating on what the bass limericks game hinted at, we basically left Playa del Carmen because we wanted to be with the beach, not people. So Tulúm it was. Nothing much happened, which was awesome. I’m posting these pictures just to make people jealous.

We stayed at the Papaya Playa for anyone interested. It was $50 a night (high season) for this cabaña. Their restaurant isn’t very good, but who can argue with this real estate. We stayed in the one on the left with the open shade:

With this view
And beach mattresses and swingbeds and swing barstools (not pictured)
Near the ruins, with their own beach

With volcanic rock
Not far from some economical and yummy taco joints, and agua de jamaica (sweetened hibiscus tea)
The mother of god bears some similarities to watermelon (sandía). I really do <3 advertising in México

This taco joint was also essential btw. And another guisado one was REALLY important. I can’t remember the name of it, I think something with Arbol, but it had a thatched roof and was playing some slamming tropicomexi beats (con mucho bass). It was on the Carreterra Federal about two blocks down from the 7-11 that’s by the crossroad to Zona Hotelera and Chichen Ítza, and one block down from this

Laura took this pic post-guisado, just before nos despedimos de Tulúm and headed up said crossroads for Chichen Ítza to check out the mighty, touristy, and not-very-well-understood Mayan settlement and pyramid.


3 responses to “tulúm

  1. I’m now doubly jealous ‘cuz Lesley posted to-die-for pictures of Tulum, and now YOU! te odio. tengo que irme a Tulum…PRONTO!

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