re: propósitos

Maybe I should raise the bar a little. The only thing left I have to get started on of my “resolutions” (see my I’m-too-cool-to-make-resolutions post here, en español) is joining the library. I went but didn’t have the proper documentation.

As far as the others, yes, I have lined up more jobs and contacts. Check. Should have more money as a result. Check. Bought a yoga mat/started doing yoga on the roof with podcasts. Check.

Yeah, sure, my resolutions were easy. I know. Now they’re accomplished, though. And I can make some more. Hmmm…

Look, it’s not like I don’t know the ones I was avoiding. I guess maybe I am working towards them.

Oh, snap. I just found Arlene Bjork’s yoga podcasts. Kristen used to go to her practice in Richmond. She’s pretty intense.

[Update: Make that was pretty intense. I just heard that Arlene died on Halloween. She was only 38. That’s really sad, and I’m sorry for her husband and daughter especially. She seems like she made the most of her life anyway.]


One response to “re: propósitos

  1. Just thinking about what I was doing on Halloween while Arlene was in the hospital dying. And the fact that I was listening to her podcast without knowing she was gone.

    That’s one thing death made me understand better, is how many f-ng people there are. And every one of us is going to die. mwah ha ha haha….

    (hey, what can I do if not laugh about it)

    Every one of us is basically infinity in a vessel, though. Insane.

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