bibliotecas con libros en inglés

So I returned to the Benjamin Franklin Library again today to try to get a membership and was thoroughly disgusted by the library’s prohibitive security and lending procedures. Other than to say I will not be returning, I don’t want to talk about it. The US and a couple of State governments have made me cry enough times.

Fortunately the English know how to treat a lady. This library, belonging to The Anglo Mexican Foundation, is also way close to my house.


One response to “bibliotecas con libros en inglés

  1. Seriously, dawgs. I haven’t run into TOO many US Govt employees overseas, but of the ones I have encountered, I have to say a high proportion of them are cocky motherfuckers. Including locals employed by the US.

    Pretty much the only cool ones have been diplomats and my cousin who’s in the Air Force and works for NATO. He rags on the other NATO member nations a lot though. Haha.

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