newest INM job

This is pretty sweet– I’m basically doing a crash refresher course with the Director of the Center for Migratory Studies, at Instituto Nacional de Migración (what Mexico calls their INS). Obviously I am interested in migration stuff, being pretty transient myself. This class also means I get to focus on a lot of IR-nerd topics, such as the difference between Internationalization and Globalization. Kind of makes me wish I had been in Model UN.

He gave me this article today, so I will try to make use of it in class tomorrow by reviewing quantifiers (much vs many, few vs less, etc).

It’s really great having an academic as a student. Super-curious, happy to explore tangential concepts, and asks good questions. Can get kinda pedantic, but I mean. I just take to mean he’s cool with my pedantry.

He’ll be in DC next week for an OAS meeting if anyone wants to party with him. I can pass your info along :-p Practice English with him.


2 responses to “newest INM job

  1. This also makes me realize there is a special category of EFL learners, people who might not have that much English, an intermediate level, but who use a crapton of Latin words and so are able to communicate maybe a little more efficiently than their English would suggest.

    I kind of am like this with my Spanish, too. It seems to me that people are often surprised at how shitty my Spanish is in relation to the ideas I am getting across to them.

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