unsubscribe notice

i’ve been getting these lame emails from the democratic party ever since the pres primaries. i finally found the patience to unsubscribe, rather than simply deleting. they wanted to know why, and this was my explanation:

“since you ask… it’s bc i find the tone of your emails really smug. it’s like you assume i agree with everything ‘the party’ says, when in reality the only reason i’m on this list to begin with is because i gave money to obama while you assholes were still supporting hillary. you come across as such baby boomers. herd mentality isn’t as relevant as it used to be, you know.”

[edit: next day. i was definitely kind of drunk when i wrote and published this. yes, i do feel this way, but i’d like to think that when sober i’m not so aggressive with my lack of diplomacy.]


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