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Artist: Fase
Title: Give Us A Break LP
Label: Airdrop Records
Format: Digital Album – Free Release
Cat.No: Airdropped 03
Release Date: 15th February 2010
Style: Post-Cowboy / Folkimal / After-Afterhours

<<< in MP3 320 kbps >>>

Airdrop’s free download series continues onto its third episode. After inaugurating our string of
free releases with an exclusive remix by Berlin Tech-House maestro TILL VON SEIN, followed by
three RnB edits by Boston House duo SOUL CLAP, Airdropped presents a full length album by FASE.

Pedro Perelman & Gustavo “Defi” Gagliardo are the musicians and artists behind the multifaceted Argentine collective, FASE. On their website – www.mundofase.com – you can discover the whole world of creations emanating from these guys, ranging from video production to contemporary painting, street art and of course, fine electronic music.

After many releases on Argentina’s seminal record label Igloo, various records on Airdrop, as well as large European and North American tours, the boys are back again. The wicked world of FASE where all disciplines all warp into one, creates yet another entire universe consisting of organically evolving structures, adapting to the evolution of music.

For Airdropped 03, FASE delivers “Give Us A Break“, an experimental and explorational record.

Providing two variations – an A-side and a B side – to each one of six themes this project combines a certain nostalgia on the A-sides, to more sanguineness on the B-sides. “Give Us A Break” offers an entire journey to the West : its scorched textures and wooden aromas set us straight in the deserted backdrop of a road movie.

Through the A-sides, we find ourselves on the burning banks of a river. The harmonicas and guitars hold in their melodies a clear country and funk root, juxtaposing with breaky and minimal rythmical structures. The album’s title track “Give Us A Break” is the soundtrack to an adult’s awakening, going from vertigo through to more sensitives landscapes, while “Lighter Slide” mocks itself of human conduct and everlasting fights, in loop…

On the B-sides, the folk melodies evolve into deeper and more hypnotic lines. The harmonies knit themselves around solid grooves and the range of frequencies move us to a twilight-fête where the warm and organic are kings. The B-side variations present cyclical, yet disarticulated and ironical rhythms. A certain open-air dancefloor focus is indeed preserved here.

As for the Airdropped series, it will continue to grow as an important part of Airdrop Records. We believe the exposure generated by quality and carefully selected free downloads can be of great value to both the artist and the fan. You can expect music from all kinds of horizons to be featured onAirdropped : indie, hip-hop or more amazing electronics… you name it!

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The Airdrop Agency presents
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