book it — líbroelo

today i saw a dude walking down the street with a book it t-shirt on. i wanted to stop him and ask him if he agreed how genius it is to associate pizza and literature in the minds of children.

okay, so this isn’t a photo “of” d.f…. i was too slow to stop him and ask if he would mind if i took a picture. i don’t think he would have minded, either– he was wearing mirrored aviators.

p.s. this is another example of mexicans awesomely sporting u.s. shit out of context. i have also seen a dog wearing an FBI t-shirt, a middle-aged bus attendant wearing the classic rainbow phish t-shirt, and an old lady with a baby phat purse. also people in FUBU who probably really are not at all acquainted with “us” … though to be fair book it dude very well could have lived in the states and participated in it as a youngster.

One response to “book it — líbroelo

  1. Old lady w/ the baby phat purse made me laugh.

    I’ve seen a lot of U.S. apparel out of context too, but mostly young girls (like, ages 6 to 10) wearing shirts that say “I’M SEXY UR NOT” and stuff like that. Something tells me it’s not the same thing.

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