brown micheladas

normally i tend to internalize information like this, but i started this blog in order to be more aware of it, so here goes.

brown micheladas. they are beer plus several ingredients. ordinary (as opposed to brown) micheladas simply lack the brown ingredients. you can use any beer except stout, but obviously mexican beer is better.

  • tall glass
  • rim it with chili salt if desired. or just salt. or none.
  • juice half a lime into the glass
  • a couple dashes of worcestershire sauce (more if it has one of those caps that produces droplets, less if it doesn’t)
  • a dash of soy sauce
  • splash of tomato or clamato juice if desired
  • chili flakes if desired
  • salt if desired
  • a bottle or can of beer– i prefer either modelo, negra modelo, or pacifico. victoria is also good, and i could roll with indio. i would settle for corona or tecate. maybe even sól.

micheladas have really made me think long and hard about worcestershire sauce. it’s freaking great and i can’t quite place why. i tastes really english anyway. i just now added it to my dinner of lentils and rice.


2 responses to “brown micheladas

  1. I think the key to worcestershire is the anchovies. Something about the fishy umami-ness or something makes magic.

    Damn I love salt. I also love soy sauce in beer.

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