as if the worcestershire sauce wasn’t english enough, now i’m gettin really appreciative of oatmeal. half-cooked or raw oatmeal, though, not mushy. i just had a small bowl of it heated up together with milk and a big chunk of mexican chocolate (which contains cinnamon and has a grainy texture). d-lish.


2 responses to “oatmeal

  1. LOVE this idea. Although, to be honest, when you mentioned Worcestershire, I thought you were going to say you combined oatmeal & Worcestershire, and I was about to be super intrigued. But I still am. Oh: what about oatmeal and mex-chocolate cookies? Mmm… oatmeal & mex chocoate bread… oatmeal & mex-chocolate muffins…. yum….

  2. yeah! it was supergood. i had some more today.

    i bet there are some worcestershire possibilities with oatmeal, too, good call. worcestershire went really well with my lentils-n-rice the other day. why not oats.

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