a man a plan a canal miami

Sorry that subject line makes no sense.

Just thinking how retardedly awesome it will be if I decide the below plan is the thing to do. One reason is that I will be both living in Miami and blasting Miami bass at the same time. Seriously that is going to be hilarious. My neighbors will love it, too.


One response to “a man a plan a canal miami

  1. Not sure how many people really picked up on Vanilla Ice’s references to Miami Bass in his album II the Extreme, but yes indeed he is from (near) Miami and did claim to be influenced by Miami Bass. I can hear similar sounds to his in DJ Laz.

    I just kind of realized that by virtue of learning the Vanilla Ice album II the Extreme by heart at age 9… does that mean I was into Miami Bass way back in the day?

    That album really did embarrass me at the time, some of the lyrics. Haha, “havin a roni.”

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