When I “make plans” about my life they are normally less like plans and more like rough sketches. I like to figure out what my options are and keep them in mind, but I normally don’t decide which ones to go with until I am in the midst of whatever.

Taking an informed intuitive approach, I guess. That does actually go with my Myers-Briggs type.

So I am pleased to see that it continues to work for me. I suppose the last time I discussed “planning” up in this piece was with respect to the new year, wherein I resolved to “make more money” and “do yoga on the roof.” (Unfortunately I didn’t consider how to do both of those things at the same time.)

And sure enough, now I am working more, via teaching, writing, translation, and feeling really good about my decision last year to throw myself into the real world via exiting the corporate one. And now I am starting to look at next steps.

Look no further…

When I decided to move to Mexico, I wasn’t actually that conscious of the fact that the thing I would be doing here out of necessity, teaching English, would be such a completely awesome setup for me. I was more just thinking, okay, on account of my limited Spanish, teaching English is probably my best job option. Most appealing to me was that it would give me a viable way to “try out” freelancing. I kept having to remind myself of another reason it was a good option: that I freaking studied English in college and have a master’s degree in it.

But there is something else that I wasn’t all that conscious of at the time. Teaching English as a Foreign Language is something that can also help me more fully implement my love of Miami, by allowing me to move there.

Of course I could have always moved there, but I had written it off because of how I perceived its job market. I realize you can do anything you want pretty much anywhere, but I want to be involved in something that has greater than average room for growth, too. And not real estate development or night life. (I bass for pleasure only.)

So, rough sketch: finish out 2010 in Mexico gaining experience and trying to make money; spend all said money on snowboarding trip to Chile and fortnight-long extended ladies’ night with Laura in Brazil and Argentina; say hi to my family in Virginia; move to Miami and try to develop a livelihood.

What’s funny about this to me is that I seriously do talk about Miami a LOT for someone who has only visited 7 or 8 times. Something I love has been in front of my face for several years now, and I just didn’t know until recently to reach out for it.

Also, I think I thought it was a little toolish to consider moving there without knowing much Spanish. I’m white enough as it is, no need to call even more attention to it.


6 responses to “plan

  1. OMG! this is a seriously good plan, like I’ve said many times – you’re a genius!

    Argentina & Brazil – more than a fortnight? I think it may be a part of my exit from the nonprofit world into a whole new brand new one. I’m inspired by your leaving office life and succeding at making something more real.

  2. YES. I was thinking even if you had to go back that I might hang around down there a little while longer.

    A’ight this bitch be workin hard til December, this settles it (except for when I am shredding in Santiago in August).

    Oh yeah, DUDE. I got your Chinese New Year card today, haha!! THANKS for helping me usher in the Year of the Tiger down here. Should be a good one. I actually went to a parade for it on Paseo de la Reforma, too. Oops, dag, I need to post some pics of that…

  3. It took that long to get to you! What up with the mail system? I sent it out February 9th or so. Also, it took me 2 months to get my own postcard from Tulum.

    I’ll be working my ass off til december too (minus cairo). Prayers for our survival.

  4. fyi ave b and 10th street. what the hell are they trying to promote other than ‘move to miami’?

  5. it looks like a hospitality website? i like that the poster ties yoga/meditation in with bass…

    clearly someone recognizes that ex-ravers are an opportune market to tap.

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