die antwoord – enter the ninja

A response to the idea of Samurai. Hey, why don’t I just create a tag for it?

Figured South African rap is interesting in its own right, but this guy is almost like GG Allin meets Eminem meets Ace of Base meets awesome.
Thanks to Laura for this,

and Thanks to Paul for this,

Speaking of tags, you may notice that I use the tag “racism” on this. When I tag entries with “racism” it’s because I think they might have some interesting insight on issues of race/racial dialog. I am not trying to say people/subjects are “racist.”

I have mentioned Spoek Mathambo on here, too. He basically rules, also from SA, but lives in Sweden I think right now.


3 responses to “die antwoord – enter the ninja

  1. was introduced to Die Antwoord several weeks ago by dutch friends. glad to see you’ve discovered it as well.

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