jarabe / syrup

sizzurp, more specifically. i took a comida the other day with a group of gringos and mexicanos, and i was venting to the group my disillusionment at realizing that lil wayne actually DOES drank (cough) syrup. for recreation. i mean, i’ve liked 3-6 mafia as long as the next guy, but i kind of never really took it on board that they, or anyone else i respect, actually and for real do drank that shit. uh… i guess i thought it was a b.s. metaphor? anyway

so, i also got to explain what “syrup” is to the spanish speakers. they would be familiar with the concept of calling a cough medicine a syrup, since they sometimes do so in spanish, so i threw in the literal translation of syrup, which is “jarabe.” ha RA bay. como “jarabe de sabor maple,” “jarabe de maíz,” etc. “jarabe para la tos.”

which of course opened the doors for the gringos to explain “sizzurp,” using the context of “for shizzle.”

which then led to


sorbiendo en el jarazzabe♪♪♮

meh. doesn’t really work.

i am waiting to see what happens when mexican culture really starts to influence/be influenced by dirty south, though. when they mix.

i’m somehow thinking the result won’t turn purple in sprite. but maybe.


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