enrique’s play

A friend from college, Enrique Urueta, discusses his play Learn to Be Latina on SF public radio (via New America Media Radio).

He’s getting really good reviews. Good job, Enrique! I wish I could see it, but even though I can’t you’re inspiring me anyway.

Hilariously graphic… crude and rude in a manner that tickles ribs well beyond the comfort zone… Urueta and director Mary Guzmán pull out all the stops to laugh, dance and wrestle all kinds of identity issues to the ground… knockout-silly dance numbers… the kind of wild romp that stimulates almost as much thought as laughter.”—SF Chronicle (read full review)

A smart, insightful, sexy and consistently hilarious story set amid a flurry of racist, sexist and homophobic slurs…the play’s merciless off-color fun brilliantly illuminates without a hint of sententiousness the bogus values in market-driven multiculturalism.”—SF Bay Guardian (full review not available online)

Explosively funny, entertainingly offensive…every casting choice works…the play is as full of quotable lines as any show I’ve watched in recent memory…Urueta is, in other words, an extravagantly talented comic playwright…I can’t remember any play in which I found myself mouthing the words ‘Oh my God‘ with quite so much frequency.”—SF Weekly (read full review)

“An often screamingly funny show offering a heaping helping of ‘oh no he didn’t’…it’s sure to be a hit“—The Idiolect (read full review)

“Controversial yet profound…poignant and original…[Urueta’s] hilarious wordplay [makes] nearly every line quotable“—Daily Cal (read full review)

“Revels in racial stereotypes and postmodernism…Impact specializes in self-consciously hip plays with obscene humor, and Learn to Be Latina could be the gold standard…It takes a clever group of actors to carry that type of script, and fortunately, this cast rises to the occasion”—East Bay Express (read full review)


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