clubbing in df

There’s been a lot of talk in DF recently about whether to enforce current law about bar closing times–  2:30, de jure— or to change the law to allow them to stay open until 5, when they normally close in practice.

El Universal ran an article this morning about there being a lot of support in the city to enforce the current, earlier closing time. They most definitely cite the opinions of “parents” of people 18-29 as among the biggest group in favor of it.

Not sure whether to laugh or cry at that one, but. Speaks to cultural differences I suppose.

The fact for me is the cultural un-difference, which is the financial weight of nightlife in this city. People 18-29 most definitely do not seem to need the support of their parents to spend money late-night here. In fact, Mexico City is one of the more expensive going-out spots I have ever been to in my life. In terms of cover charges, I could definitely rank it with London or Paris, though drinks here are thankfully much cheaper.

I have complained about this before, and I have only really been able to attribute it to the size of the population. Promoters can pack a place pretty easily, even if the cover is high. $200-$300 a pop, or about $25 US, in a country where the average income is around $15,000 US a year.

I have actually taken to boycotting the more expensive events. Which in my case often means finding a way to get on the guestlist, rather than not actually going. It doesn’t always work, but it has served me pretty well so far. (See Buraka Som Sistema/2manydj’s, promoted by Sicario and sponsored by J&B, which was $400 presale.)

Claude Vonstroke is Friday night. I have to work on Saturday morning, so not sure if I am going, but the cover is $200, which is reasonable considering I have wanted to see him for a long time. I am even willing to overlook the fresa-ass bar that the show is in, Pasaje America. I definitely saw 22-year-olds coiffing champagne there one New Year’s, like standing up to toast and checking out the bouquet. I was like, dudes, you should be shaking it up and spraying it on each other, come on.


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