I’ve been told I’m being a hypochondriac about this, but I am pretty sure that when women approach 30 they start to lose bone mass. And I have been craving milk like crazy for the past year or so. Last winter is when it started, and I thought it was for sunlight deprivation, lack of vitamin D, but now I have it here too and it’s pretty sunny in Mexico. So I was thinking maybe it’s that my body wants calcium. A lot of calcium.

Today I was IMming with my friend Diana who just had a baby. She was telling me about how fenugreek helps her lactate more, and then later on in the convo she told me she was going to go pump some milk and then have a glass of wine. I didn’t tell her this, but when she said that I got a craving for milk.

I thought about telling her, and I probably would have in person, but I dunno putting it down in writing seemed a bit much. Then I kind of weirded myself out by overthinking it and didn’t end up pouring myself a glass until now. It’s really hitting the spot.

This reminds me of when I worked at the Jharna, an Indian restaurant in Belfast. One busy Saturday night I was bustling through the kitchen into the refrigerator and the cook, Waheed, asked me pretty casually (in his awesome high voice and Bengali accent), “Mary Claire, your mother didn’t breastfeed you, did she?” I was like, dammit, it’s that obvious.

During my Strawberry Quik phase, Winter 2009.


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