paris stuff

I really like Paris a lot. I like French people’s “attitude,” and I like that they are unwilling to do anything badly. It was also kind of awesome that one of the first things I saw after I got off the train at the Gare de l’Est was a gun store.

When I was there I went to this place, FAT Galerie, because Cosmic Neman from Zombie Zombie told me to check out some action from his other band, Herman Dune, that was going on. It was just a free show in a gallery, and super nice. I said my first full sentence in French there, too. I was super self-conscious about not being able to converse and spent a lot of the time trying to be cool about it. Neman and his gf were very hospitable though.

My mom just sent me an article from the New York Times about the trend in Paris that’s going on where people run businesses like spas and restaurants and galleries out of their homes, as if their customers were guests. And I suppose they are.


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