speaking of businesses in homes

Referring to my last post, business-in-the-home is old hat in México of course. My neighbors have a store they run out of a window in their house, for example, basically with conveniences and snacks and micheladas, and you can get a gaffón of water from them.

And restaurants, too, are often adjacent to homes or in people’s courtyards For Christmas Eve dinner in Malinalco my family went to a guy’s mom’s hacienda.

Fernando, the son, doesn’t actually live there and I think his mom is in special care facilities for a health problem. Fernando lives in DF and works in advertising, and I guess he and his teenage sons come down on the weekends to the hacienda, which they have converted into a luxe-ish B&B. Since it is a place designed for visitors to the town, we figured go there for the holiday meal because it would probs be open.

We were the only guests.  It doesn’t seem like it was his plan to open that night, but Fernando of course agreed to serve us dinner when I called to inquire. They apparently normally have a chef, but he had the night off. So Fernando made us steak he had brought down from DF, as well as potato wedges (!) and some varieties of tacos and stuff. He and his kids were cooking and bring the things to us, and hanging out with us, making us drinks, etc.

A couple of months later, a spambot or something got into my yahoo account and sent Viagra email to a lot of my contacts, including Fernando the B&B owner. He responded to it and asked me out to dinner.

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